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Past events

Aug 7

Pancakes and Booze

This show will feature many artists. We will be there showcasing our arts and merch. Come check us out and have some pancakes and booze!!

8:00pm - 12:00pm EDT

Underground Arts Philadelphia, PA

Jun 6

Live On Front

This is one of the first vendor events we're doing for the year so we are very excited!! Please come meet us and check out our merch!! While it is a full weekend event we will only be there on Sunday. Make sure to get your tickets beforehand.

May 30

Summer of Art

This is a walk through even where we will be putting the finishing touches on our mural. There will also be a walk through afterwards of another mural by another artist just a few streets away. Stay tuned to our site in case it gets postponed because of rain.

5:00pm EDT

Front and Susquehanna Sts. Philadelphia, PA

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