Hey amigos! Remember back when we used to have our blog area where we would connect with other artists, bring you recipes, and other fun things? Well it's back!! We are kicking it off again and you can expect fun updates once a week that you won't want to miss. To start us off, here's a little bit about us so that you can learn more about us and make sure to subscribe to our mailing list here to keep up with all the updates, plus get 10% off our store when you sign up!

We are 3 sisters, Lily, Vanessa, and Crystal, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. While Lily and Vanessa are the artists in our business Crystal is part of the brains of the operation.

 As far as the art goes Vanessa says:

"Where I grew up, and my culture inspire me. It is confusing to describe my style in simple terms because I am so diverse as an artist, I can go anywhere from street style with a spray can to a hand painted detailed 3D realism..I usually create based on the subject matter and incorporate elements that revolve around that. A lot of my Taina Sisters artworks are made from either historical events I’ve learned and I want to creatively share with the public or highlighting important things or people I feel like should be known or make our culture what it is. It’s my way of sharing our flavor with the world. My art is constantly evolving because I am constantly evolving so the more I learn and expand my mind to, the more skilled and creative I get. I’ve been influenced by so many artists including those who I have interacted with throughout my artistic journey. I consider myself pretty original and  innovative though. I have been inspired by Artists like Banksy, because that was my insight into the world of street art, which enhanced my creative perspective when I thought every mural I saw on the wall was just dull and boring. Garibaldi arts and Rob the original because their art shows me how much more I can still evolve from a creative perspective. Cope the graffiti artist because he comes from a similar background and was able to get his art into shows all over the world while still keeping his individuality. My most challenging project so far has been the one I am working on now which is disciplining myself to put together an exhibition. Not really because of the process of creating art, but more so creating a perfectly crafted experience to complement and enhance the work we would like to showcase to the world in the most cool, creative and unique way. I feel like my role as an artist is very essential and needed in this society where most people have lost sight of thinking for themselves and individuality. I dare to be different and my art represents that. My art is bigger than me and my sister. It’s touched so many people who didn’t realize they needed to come across its power."

Lily says: "I started as a visual artist because of my aunt, who showed me how to design clothing. In the 4th grade, I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. However, it was in college, during my drawing and painting prerequisites, that I fell in love with art as a whole. I am mainly inspired by fine art and still life. My favorite part of school was being in the studio, drawing and painting what we saw—it was almost like therapy for me and still is.I work with all mediums. In painting, I love using oil, acrylic, and watercolor. For drawing, I prefer charcoal or graphite. When making jewelry, I enjoy working with wood, resin, and wire, to name a few. I love experimenting with new materials. I've tried spray paint, pastels, and other mediums, but I ultimately like to stick to what I know best.My art plays a significant role in our society because it helps people like me feel seen and identified. It also educates those who may not be familiar with our culture. I love discussing my culture and teaching others about it. Depending on the feedback and questions from our followers, I often let that guide the direction of my art.My biggest obstacle right now is having a 5-month-old baby. It can be tough to get things done, but I take full advantage of nap times to work. It also helps that I'm not alone in creating my art or the business. Having my sister to work alongside even though she's miles away is everything. As my baby grows though, I'll do what I did with my other children: include them in the process so they can learn and understand the work I do. "